London Half Marathon Events


The London Half Marathon Events 2015

According to marathon experts, the half marathon is the fastest growing running event because its distance is considered manageable by amateur runners and those interested in testing their skills for the first time. There are multiple London half marathons this year although many have yet to be confirmed. Of those that are confirmed, 2 of the most fun and organized events are the Vitality Run and the London Royal Parks Half Marathons.

The London Vitality Run Hackney Marshes Half Marathon 2015

Hackney London Half Marathon

This London half marathon is a charity event that takes place in May with charity partner, Cancer Research UK. Runners start at Hackney Marshes and cut through the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Joining this race has a unique appeal because it is just the second time the event will be held so it is a relatively new route for runners. It will take you through the landmark sports arenas and venues used in the London Olympics last 2012 including Broadway Market and London Fields.

More importantly, the proceeds of this event will be used for cancer research specifically focusing on cancer among children and teenagers. Past research by this organisation has led to the development of revolutionary cancer drugs like Cisplatin for testicular, ovarian or bladder cancer and drugs for brain tumors.

The route will be a single lap through Hackney and will have live entertainment throughout the 9 km run. Last year’s inaugural run was a touchdown success and the organisers are rejuvenated to improve on the event by offering free t-shirts to all runners, 5 water stations, 4 mist showers, text messaging of official times, real-time results, a post race massage and goody bags for all participants.

Landmarks that are passed on the North London Marathon

The winner of this London half marathon will get a one-of-a-kind 2015 medal. Participants who are affiliated with the UKA Running Club can avail of a small discounted entry fee of £42.00 while other participants pay £44.00 not including the 6% processing fee or the 10% student discount. Hackney residents have a 50% discount and early birds also get a special discount rate.

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The London Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon 2015

Later in the year is another London half marathon known as the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon. It will be held on October 11 and takes place in the heart of London starting and finishing at Hyde Park. The route is pleasant, flat, and quite relaxing passing through Green Park and St. James Park as well as Houses of Parliament and the Victoria Embankment.

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

This London half marathon is also a fundraiser for cancer research with Cancer Research UK. Compared to the Vitality Run, Royal Parks Foundation offers breakfast to participants and massage for finishers . There will also be photo opportunities with mascots and the real-life heroes of the Cancer Research UK team.

Map of the royal london parks half marathon

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Other London Half Marathons

One does not have to wait for May or October to run a half marathon in the UK. There are a number of other half marathons to look forward to like the Mizuno Reading Half Marathon in March which starts from Green Park and ends in the Medeiski Stadium. There are over 16,000 slots open for affiliated and non-affiliated runners.

Richmond half marathon

This charity event aims to raise funds for the Virgin Money Giving charity and Scope Charity. Other scheduled half marathons are the Salomon Citytrail Richmond Half Marathon (5 weeks before the London Marathon), the Ranelagh Harriers Richmond Half Marathon in May, and the EMF Edinburgh Half Marathon 2015 also to be held in May.

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